Men Kill Dog, Owner Kills Men

January 11, 2008 | By Matt Van Hoven | Category: Strange But True | 771 comments
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RUSSIA – An eastern Serbian man whose dog was killed for food caught the culprits in the act and murdered them.

Alexander Yermilov came home one night in December to find two of his friends butchering his beloved dog for food. Enraged, the 40-year-old picked up an ax and did away with the two men.

According to reports from the town of Chita prosecutor, Yermilov struck his victims on the head, killing them.

He then called local police and explained what happened. He has since been placed in police custody and charged with two counts of murder.

This story was reported by the Australian news source, 'The Daily Telegraph.'

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Katie M.

Katie M.
5 years ago

I would have been really angry also.

Good Point | Reply ›

Connie  C.

Connie C.
6 years ago

I think I might have also reacted out of rage. Does that fall under "temporary insanity"? It's a shame but I can understand his reaction.

Good Point | Reply ›

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