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Tue, May 21 | By Kimberly Wang | 1

Fostering and adopting dogs is not for the faint of heart.  (Indeed, raising puppies and young dogs of any kindcan be a bear.) It can be a challenging journey full of hysterical fits (mostly the dogs’), sleepless nights and piles of… more ›

Lila (and Ten Truths About Raising a Rescue Dog)
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2 years ago

Taco was a Chihuahua that I fostered and he was a sweet boy I also fostered a chiweenie that I named Rigbee then of course Abby the cocker spaniel mix who started her life in a puppy mill and had way too many puppies that we adopted and now it is Shasta an American eskimo and we may keep her as well I don't know if she wil stay or not her issues are worse than most also I wanted to say there are some dogs that come in to rescue who will not walk on leashes, some won't take treats there are some that will not play with toys I am now 25 and I have been rescuing dogs and cats from the streets and working with them since I was about 5 years old, I worked with a female black pitbull great dane mix she was the size of a dane and looked like a pitbull although she was at the shelter and not my foster I got to name her and was the only one who worked with her I named her Momma Pitt mainly cause before she was up for adoption they said brought in as a stray she was pregnant and all her pups found homes and she was extremely shy but I went there every day and worked with her before I knew it when I went in the shelter Momma Pitt was running to her kennel door and jumping at it every day all happy about me being there and happy to see me too soon enough she was adopted Momma Pitt had a good new home. My Blue boy was like that too but he showed up in my yard as a stray.

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