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Sun, Mar 25 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 1

ASPCA accepting nominations for annual Humane Awards. As pet owners, we tend to believe that our four-legged family members are extraordinary. But some furry friends go above and beyond the bonds of companionship. To recognize these animal hero… more ›

Is Your Pet the Dog or Cat of the Year?
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3 years ago

Skitters and Shorty do not really Qaulify cause Skitters is not a rescue Shorty is but he is just a beloved cat, so what about Paws dog trainer she knows everthing there is to know about dogs and I really look to her as a role model or my other role model who takes in cats when Meow showed up we could not keep him he was a stray and was not in good health she took him in to rescue and is now fostering him and even though he has not yet been adopted he is happy and healthy, She also took Fidget the simese kitten that I found in the alley crying one morning and had no where else to go he was fostered by her and adopted right away.

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