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Thu, Jan 5 | By Margo Ann Sullivan | 1

Baby animals gain freedom in inspiring survival story. Motherhood has bought two goats and their newborns freedom from the slaughterhouse, according to Meredith Turner, spokeswoman for Farm Sanctuary. Stella and her baby goat, Abigail, a… more ›

Incredible Rescues: Newborn Animals and Mothers Saved
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4 years ago

How sweet goats are so cute and so smart this makes me think of when I was at the zoo and the smallest goat in the petting zoo was picking on all the goats that were bigger than him also I think of the only baby animals that I raised from the day they were born it wasn't goats it was hamsters but the babies were unexpected we took home pregnant hamsters from the pet store when we bought them we were told they were all female and that none were pregnant but we got them home and 3 of them had babies and the 4th one turned out to be a male hamster that pet store also seemed to always have sick and unhealthy animals and you couldnt even see in the fish tanks as for the kittens and puppies they allowed them to run loose in the store and they let parrot's fly loose who would bite people and eat their jewelry the first time I went in there when they opened I didn't know they let the animals run loose like that there was no sign on the door or windows that said so and I was wearing jewlery and I walked in and stepped on a very small kittens foot I had no idea a pet store would do that I was lucky the kitten was okay I cuddled that kitten until I left I am glad that the health inspector closed them down and found good homes for all the animals.

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