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"Meet the Breeds" event showcases innovative gear for pets.

The latest trends in pet products were on display at the recent Meet the Breeds event in New York City – the largest showcase of different dog and cat breeds – along with hundreds of cats and dogs.

Offering products from the practical to the specialized and stylized, pet product companies, designers and innovators from all over the country appeared to meet their target audience, as more than 20,000 pet lovers turned out at the two-day event, co-sponsored by the American Kennel Club and the International Cat Association.

Here, Zootoo provides a breakdown of some of the new and interesting goods that made their debut at Meet the Breeds this year.

When it comes to food, it seems that raw food is likely to become more of an accessible and popular item for both dogs and cats. Several different vendors offered tastings of their own raw food products, and event goers swarmed around their kiosks to snag a doggy sample bag for their pets back home.

The food may be raw, but the way it is sold, it isn't quite like feeding your dog a slab of uncooked chicken fresh out of the package. Stella & Chewy's, a Wisconsin-based natural pet food producer, showcased its new raw, freeze-dried dinners for cats. The freeze-dried factor of the food, which comes in kibble-sized pieces, means that owners don't have to worry about defrosting the food or even keeping it refrigerated.

“It's not messy and it's so light, so if you are traveling with it, it's just a really easy food to feed your pet,” explained Nicole Martin, a demo representative.

Raw food is said to provide a strong immune system and healthy skin and coat for animals.

For the dogs who dislike the rain, and possibly bath-time, Meet the Breeds provided some new solutions.

The company FURMinator, known mostly for its heavy-duty, de-shedding brush, is now rolling out a royal-blue bathrobe with microfiber technology that is says will help your wet dog dry faster – and to not shed its hair all over the place, in the process of doing so.

The robe, which comes in different sizes and retails between $25 through $40, wraps and secures tightly around a dog's middle. The positioning may also provide a calming effect for the dog, making it feel like it is being swaddled tightly.

Often, a rainy day can lead to a wet, unhappy dog. According to one of the co-founders ofHandsome Hounds, a Massachusetts-based dog apparel company, there is a way to handle the stress this can prompt in both your dog and you, the owner dragging him or her down the street.

Their wax cotton dog raincoats, which run from the tiny to extra-large, are breathable and water resistant, but provide more protection than the average plastic raincoat can, says Debbie Segalla, who co-designed the coats.

“I wanted something that would help keep my dogs dry and warm and allow them some room to move,” Segalla said. “Plastic raincoats, I found, can fall off and don't breathe very well.”

Her two Cockapoos, who are usually quite weary of the rain, now don't mind going out as much in bad weather, Segalla says.

The coats come in various colors, including light blue and army green, and as Segalla says, make for a classic look.

Not to be left out, cats and their owners were sure to find many different fun toys and plushy beds to pique their attention over the weekend. One unique item, new on the market, was manufactured by Akemi Tanaka, a New York-based industrial designer who typically sticks to designing for people, not for cats.

But her cat bed, which also easily be enjoyed as a lounging area, isn't your typical cat bed: the Curve, as it is called, is a simple, gently sloping piece of wood cut into the shape of a semi-circle. A padded bed, covered in sleek upholstery, snaps on and off from the Curve, designed to be mounted on the wall, where cats can survey the room from up above.

Tanaka says her own experiences searching for a perfect cat bed inspired her to make her own for her three cats.

“At the time, we were moving to a new apartment with nice furniture, and I couldn't really find any bed that fit my taste aesthetically and also met the needs of my cats,” she explained.

The $200 bed can now be found on both and

Photo by Amy Lieberman.

What do you think of these new products? Which of these would you try for your pet? Tell us below!

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4 years ago

No thankyou I go with what I know works if I try something new I would have to think that my dog or cat would like it!

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4 years ago

"Get Official Samples" is giving away free sample of dog food from the brand flint river ranch. Try it and treat your dog!

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