Horse Vaccine Maker Instigates Urgent Recall

May 4, 2010 | By Gabrielle Jonas | Category: Care & Safety | 23 comments
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A major pharmaceutical company has announced an "urgent recall" of all serial numbers of its West Nile Virus vaccine for horses, the American Veterinary Medical Association announced on its website Tuesday.

The recall, which was voluntary, was instigated by the drug company, Intervet Schering-Plough, on Monday, "due to an increased number of adverse event reports associated with the use of these vaccines," the AVMA said.

The pharmaceutical giant has recalled all one-dose and five-dose vials of the vaccine for PreveNile West Nile Virus vaccine for horses.

"Schering-Plough reported an increased number of adverse reactions to the vaccine," said Dr. Kimberly May, assistant director of professional and public affairs at the AVMA.

"The word, 'urgent,' was in the actual letter Schering-Plough had sent," Dr. May said, adding, "'Urgent' in the recall world means, 'Check your stock right now.'"

Discussing the decision to recall the vaccine, Sharon Dilling, a spokesperson for Schering-Plough Global Communications, said, "We received an increase in reports of adverse reports of events. A recent review of data over the last 12 months reported adverse events over the rate we saw in the product launch in 2007."

Dilling added that "reports included symptoms of acute anaphylaxis; systemic types of reactions such gastrointestinal reactions, commonly known as colic, or respiratory distress or death following the vaccination with PreveNile alone or in combination with other vaccines."

Intervet informed the USDA and the American Association of Equine Practitioners on Monday of its recall decision.

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Thanks for putting this article out here. I had not heard about this and will be sure to pass the information along.

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