'Hipster Puppies' Are on the Loose

July 13, 2011 | By Kristen Seymour | Category: Entertainment | 1 comment
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New humor book tracks trendy canines.

Some people keep family photo albums on the coffee table, and others leave out books about art, geography, or nature. But that's not for us. We like our conversation starters with a bit of humor, a dash of pop culture, and, naturally, loads of puppies.

Enter "Hipster Puppies," Christopher Weingarten's book based on his eponymous tumblr account. The book, released on July 5, is 125 pages of pictures of adorable puppies dressed in hipster-esque outfits -- think novelty glasses, pretentious scarves and oh-so-many hoodies -- paired with captions that will make you laugh and, more than likely, question your knowledge of hipster terminology. Unless you routinely hang with these cats, erm, dogs in Brooklyn.

For example, if you find yourself chuckling (through your ironic mustache) at, "dude, you haven't really chased your tail until you've done it on a fixed-gear bicycle," this book is a must-have for you. Also, if you've ever laughed yourself silly taking pictures of your dog in trucker hats with cans of PBR in the frame, you know this belongs on your bookshelf.

In addition to plentiful references to records, veganism, tattoos, and coffee, there's a generous sprinkling of adult language, so although the photos are more appealing than a little known local band playing at the farmer's market, this isn't a book for the kiddies. (Or kitties, for that matter -- felines aren't cast in the most flattering light in this quirky paperback.)

Pictured: "jack is a strict vegan except for fish, some chicken, honey, gummi worms, yogurt and white castle hamburgers" (Photo Credit: Davona Douglass); From HIPSTER PUPPIES by Christopher R. Weingarten. Published by arrangement with New American Library, a member of Penguin Group (USA), Inc. Copyright (c) Christopher Weingarten, 2011.

Have you ever checked out the Hipster Puppies tumblr, or do you follow @hipsterpuppies on Twitter? Would you shell out for the book? Tell us below!

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4 years ago

I have not followed this one but Bandana's are Skitters thing.

Good Point | Reply ›

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