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Mon, Jun 27 | By Maggie Marton | 1

Donations support treatment for canine angel. When his dog Chief fell during a search-and-rescue training exercise, Lieutenant Brian Smithey of Tampa Fire and Rescue didn’t realize he was injured. It wasn’t until later that night, … more ›

Hero Dog Gets His Own Helping Hand
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4 years ago

I read a book based on a true story called the dog who rescued cats this female dog would find cats in need of help with out any training her owner rescued her from the humane socitey. One time when on a walk the dog ripped free of her owners grip on her leash he ran after her she would not come back he thought this was weird cause she always came back when she was called. Finally he caught up with her she was in an alley digging in a box filled with broken glass her paws were bloody but when she turned she was holding a small kitten by the scruff of it's neck it had been in the box it survived and the dog got her paws treated but the man said he was blessed to have such a great dog he said it was a miracle to find a mixed breed that had been a stray her entire life that would rescue cats all of them no matter what happens to her as long as the cats are okay.

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