Help Urge the President to Declare 'Adopt A Shelter Pet Day'

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Mimi Ausland, the founder of, is spending her school vacation inspiring animal lovers to convince the President to declare April 30th National "Adopt A Shelter Pet" Day. Here's how you can help America's homeless pets.

A few months ago, Tonic wrote about Mimi Ausland, an inspiring 14-year-old who founded, an online dog and cat trivia game with purpose: for each question you answer, right or wrong, 10 pieces of dry food — called kibble — is donated to homeless dogs and cats. Since April of 2008, has donated over 3.5 million meals to shelters, rescue groups and food banks.

Now Mimi is spending her summer vacation as spokesperson for a cool new effort that Freekibble is promoting to help even more strays called Letters For Pets, a letter-writing (via email) campaign to ask President Obama for a proclamation to make April 30th National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. "Dogs and cats cannot speak for themselves," says Mimi, "and this is a chance to get a whole day for adopting and celebrating shelter animals."

And to feed them. For every letter emailed to the President, holistic pet food company Halo, Purely for Pets (co-owned by Tonic friend and animal lover Ellen DeGeneres) is donating a meal to Freekibble to feed homeless dogs and cats — up to 50,000 meals. Says Mimi: "There are so many shelter dogs and cats in need of good, nutritious food."

Janice Brown, 38, the founder of Tails Magazine, thought of the proclamation idea to help raise awareness of the estimated six to eight million dogs and cats per year who end up in shelters, most never finding a real home. "I don't think when I thought of the idea I thought that 'Wow, we could get a proclamation,'" says Brown. "Now I really believe it's going to happen." The campaign hopes to inspire 100,000 animal lovers to send the email by September 30. And you can send a letter once daily.

To get started, visit

Then click on the White House, click to send the pre-written email letter to the President and voila, you're done.

"Our Freekibble visitors are always asking how they can do more," says Kelly Ausland, Mimi's dad. "This is the perfect opportunity to further support shelter animals and be part of something that will have an impact for years to come."

Freekibble is kicking off their Letters for Pets promotion on July 12, with a full week of Presidential Pets Trivia at

(Below is a copy of the already-written email letter sent with a few clicks of the keyboard)


June 08, 2010

The President of the United States of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama,

Too many homeless animals in the U.S. live out most of their lives in shelters without ever knowing the love of a family of their own. According to national studies, 6 to 8 million cats and dogs make their way into shelters each year, and 3 to 4 million of these innocent creatures are euthanized annually, losing their chance of human affection forever.

These four-legged citizens cannot ask for your protection, so I am asking for them. Please declare April 30th National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day as a way of giving homeless animals the national recognition and caring homes they deserve.

Thank you for all that you do for this nation's animals.


Zootooer, we know how you love to help. This one is quick and easy.

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5 years ago

Very cute and thoughtful idea! I sure hope it goes through. I just hope that if there is such a holiday (and shelters may decide to give discounts on adoption fees on that day) that the dogs and cats go to loving homes that'll truly care for them - not just to people that decided to take advantage of the discount!

Good Point | Reply ›

daryl b.

daryl b.
5 years ago

here parents should be proud of her. they raised her right

Good Point | Reply ›

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