Green Products Dominate Global Pet Expo

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This year's Global Pet Expo, which ran from Feb. 12-14, debuted hundreds of new animal-related products, many of which displayed a green focus.(Photo by Presley Adamson)

Green products dominate Global Pet Expo: the industry's largest annual trade show brought out a slew of green products which will be hitting the shelves of pet retailers throughout the country in 2009 -- but don't wait until then, get a sneak peak now.

ORLANDO -- From dogs to rabbits and lizards to ferrets, there was something for every pet at the 2009 Global Pet Expo, an annual pet industry showcase event held in Orlando.

The industry's largest annual trade show, the Expo featured thousands of products from more than 800 companies, which displayed everything from unique pet beds to comfy e-collars on Valentine's Day weekend.

Zootoo had an all-access pass to this industry-only event, which was closed to the public. Read on to learn about the innovative products that will hit the shelves in 2009.

For many of the new products featured this year, green was the theme; organic, all natural, and earth-friendly.

"Because it's made from recyclable material, there are no toxins in it, there are no chemicals, there are no odors," said Melissa Rogers of Energetic Solutions Inc., which offers businesses private consultation.

Energetic Solutions is now looking toward green products as the future of many industries, including those that cater to pets.

Rogers spoke of Shoo!Tags, which she says protect animals from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes with electromagnetic frequencies.

Rogers says the tiny tags have a magnetized, non-toxic strip that wards off pests for up to four months, according to

"It doesn't hurt the flea, it doesn't hurt the pet and it doesn't hurt the planet," Rogers said.

Exercise machines are also going green. GoPet machines require no electricity, come in all sizes and are a plausible alternative for both pets and owners who may not have time for long walks.

"The number one advantage is that it's dog powered," GoPet representative Earl Kauffman said. "They run as far, as fast and as long as they choose. If they're tired, they sit down."

For pet lovers who may have small yards, live in an apartment or 16-story high-rise, there's the Pet Loo.

“We've created that outdoor surface and we've brought it into a contained area, which has a self drainage system underneath," Pet Loo inventor Tobi Skovron said of the "backyard in a box."

Skovron says dogs or cats can be easily trained to use the Pet Loo, which resembles a square of elevated grass. He also says it's perfect for pet lovers who live in small spaces.

"Because it's so light and movable, you can bring it indoors, outdoors," Skovron said. "You can take it on your boat. You can keep it on the balcony in your condo. It basically breaks down that barrier to pet ownership."

Many other new products came in the form of eco-friendly toys and all natural grooming options.

New varieties of organic food and treats were also introduced, as well as homeopathic herbs, which are advertised to treat everything from inflammation to digestive problems.

"People would come to us as a last resort but now people are coming as a first option," said Hilary Self of Hilton Herbs, a UK manufacturer and supplier of herbal health supplements for animals. "They care for their animals like they care for their children and they want to help them so it's certainly really growing."

Finally, while they may not be 100 percent organic, special dog towels, called Towel Togs, will conserve the time and energy it takes to wrestle with a wet dog. The one-piece suit, made of an absorbent microfiber, slips on over a dog's head and resembles a simple winter coat.

Inventor Inge Bonfoey came up with the idea after her dog, Bailey, was constantly in and out of their lake.

"They don't like that feeling, being wet," Bonfoey said. "So they like this. They love these. It feels good on them."

"The beauty of it is it's anchored at both the neck and the tail so that when they're romping around it stays in place."

All the products are available online and will soon be showing up in retail outlets across the nation.

For more information on the aforementioned products, visit, respectively:,,, and

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Katie M.

Katie M.
6 years ago

I'm glad to see more products going green.

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6 years ago

Awesome! : )

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