Good Samaritan Saves Dog From Vet

October 11, 2007 | By Matt Van Hoven | 309 comments
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A dog named Pilot was rescued after being held hostage for two weeks – by his vet. Dr. Garry Innocent threatened to have the puppy surrendered to Gwinnett County Animal Control in Georgia if his owner didn't pay an outstanding medical bill.

22 year-old Josh Gomez brought Pilot to the PetFirst Clinic in Duluth, Georgia on August 26th, where the dog was diagnosed with Parvovirus. After three days of treatment, Gomez returned to the clinic to pay the bill and bring Pilot home.

However, the total cost was more than Gomez could pay. And when this fact came to light, Dr. Innocent told him the dog would have to stay at the clinic until the debt was paid.

Over the following 2 weeks, Pilot racked up boarding fees – putting the remaining total at $972 dollars.

In a formal letter, Dr. Innocent gave Gomez until Tuesday of this week to pay the bill – in cash.

Luckily for Gomez, Carol Diamantis heard the story on local news and decided to take action. On Tuesday she accompanied him to the clinic and paid the bill in full and in cash.

Georgia law permits vets to surrender a pet 10 days after providing written notification that an owner pay the animal's bill.

But at a time when pets are increasingly treated like humans, this Georgia law seems outdated. Fortunately for dog and owner though, all ended well.

Do you think Dr. Innocent was right to hold the dog in lieu of payment or should Georgia law prohibit this type of action? Tell us what you think.

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5 years ago

I hope to heck Georgia gets with the times and changes this law. There's got to be some way to set up a payment plan and use some other type of collateral. To me, that would be like a pediatrician keeping my baby if I couldn't pay the bill all at one time. The Good Samaritan that came to Mr. Gomez and Pilot's rescue is awesome.

Good Point | Reply ›

Shannon J.

Shannon J.
6 years ago

They should have been able to make a payment arangement to work out the debt and let the dog go home.

Good Point | Reply ›

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