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Tue, Nov 26 | By My Brown Newfies | 1

Finding a good joint supplement that you trust to give to your dogs can be tough because there is so many out there to choose from. I’ve been using joint supplements for years now for both Sherman and Leroy and we’ve tried a lot. We… more ›

Giving A Joint Supplement With Confidence #NaturalStride
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Debra B.

Debra B.
2 years ago

I have a 60 pound tripod dog with severe osteoarthritis in the elbow of his one weight bearing front leg confirmed by radiographs done in the vet clinic. The radiographs showed essentially no cartilage in that elbow joint, and bone-on-bone contact. I currently feed him Science Diet j/d for joint health and give him one Synovi4 supplement chew tablet--both require a vet prescription and are very costly. I have considered only providing my dog with a joint supplement chew and not giving him the pricey prescription food.
Just costed out my prescription joint tablets which come to 35 cent a chew vs. $1 a chew tablet for Natural Stride. Have not compared ingredient amounts for each product.

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