Girl and Grandmother Mauled by Family Dogs

January 7, 2008 | By Matt Van Hoven | 725 comments
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CALIFORNIA – A Sacramento, Ca. family is in shock this week after two dogs mauled their 20-month-old girl and her grandmother on Sunday.

According to the Mercury News, Santa Clara County animal control said a male Boxer-Pit-mix mauled the girl's face while a female of the same mix bit the grandmother.

The pair were rushed to the California Pacific Medical Center where the girl underwent reconstructive facial surgery. Little Anna Leigh Cinco is listed in stable condition, but is still heavily sedated. Elizabeth Cinco was released later that evening after being treated for bites to her leg, arm and face.

Animal control officers who responded to the scene reported that people had been going in and out of the home that evening. It wasn't until 48-year-old Elizabeth Cinco entered carrying her granddaughter that the dogs got aggressive.

According to witnesses, the male named Tazz began growling protectively when he saw the child – behavior animal control officials said is not completely uncommon for the breeds.

Tazz jumped at the child, but the grandmother, trying to protect the girl, instinctively threw her on a nearby couch. That's when Tazz attacked the girl, tearing her lip down to her chin and exposing bone before adults could pull the dog off.

At the same time, the female named Missy bit the grandmother's leg.

It's since been revealed that Tazz the male bit a man a year earlier, but the incident wasn't serious enough for the city to label him dangerous. Neither dog was neutered or spayed. Both have since been euthanized, with the permission of their owner – the little girl's great aunt.

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5 years ago

What a horrible tragedy....

Good Point | Reply ›


6 years ago

She instinctively THREW her on the COUCH to protect her? That's some messed up instinct. That poor little girl.

Good Point | Reply ›

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