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Fri, Jul 29 | By Maggie Marton | 1

Check out these helpful hints for traveling by car this summer with your pet. Hitting the road for a family vacation this summer? Bring your dog! Taking your pup on a road trip can be enjoyable for everyone -- especially your dog -- as long as … more ›

Five Ways to Get Your Pet Road-Trip Ready
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4 years ago

Skitters loves car rides she hangs her head out the window and constently siwtches windows if the windows are up and the air conditioner is on she will laydown in the backseat and ask for belly rubs like she does at home she thinks it is a moving couch. My dad's cat Tickles use to love car rides when she was younger she wouldn't hang her head out the window but she would watch out the window and jump in and out of the car on her own when the door opened unless she was told to stay put. One day I went to petco with my sister and in the front passanger seat of a car was a goose the woman came out that was the owner and saw us looking and shaking our heads at the weird sight she walked up and told us oh don't worry he's potty trained like a dog and very well behaved plus he loves car rides instead of a dog hanging it's head outta my car window I have my goose. After she said that I no longer thought she was crazy.

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