‘Fun-ducation' for Your Animal Companion

March 23, 2008 | By Syma Chowdhry | Category: Entertainment | 1048 comments
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NEW YORK – Some of us may not realize that just like humans, animals need entertaining too. But as one game proves, having fun can be practical too.

For dogs, traditional toys include tennis balls, Frisbees, the occasional sock –- items that provide repetitive, sometimes mundane activities for Fido.

But there is a new era of doggy toys that aim to add a new dimension to the human-canine relationship.

A new board game called Funagle hopes to take the boredom out of the daily grind for animal and human alike. As far as dogs are concerned, it’s just fun, paws down.

"This is the first product of its type that we've ever carried,” said Minnie Beideman of pet store Canis Minor in New York City. “It's the first board game specifically made for dogs that I've ever seen."

It looks like a typical board game, but two to four people and one to four dogs are needed to play. Simply roll the dice and move from space-to–space, collecting a card with some directions for player and pet.

Each card has a task for the dog, if he or she does it a treat is given to the dog, and the human-player collects the card. The tasks are silly to say the least –- but they do have a point.

Whoever has the most cards wins, but the real goal is to enhance owner-pet interaction and facilitate obedience training.

"That's the point of the game, to have a good time, to teach your dog how to behave,” said Cinthya Fanna of Canis Minor.

The tasks assigned by the game are simple but require the pets to behave before he or she is rewarded.

"Funagle is just a great way to bond with your pet and something you can do together," said Lydia Raymond, also from Canis Minor.

So if you want a unique and fun-agle way to play with your dog, pick up this board game.

For more information on Funagle, visit darfinc.com/.

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5 years ago

Sounds fun!

Good Point | Reply ›

Terry F.

Terry F.
6 years ago

First time I've heard of this. I'm curious to know more about it.

Good Point | Reply ›

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