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Tue, Sep 20 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 1

Zootoo's picks for fun clothes and collars to keep your pet cozy all season long. For many two-legged fashionistas, the start of autumn means that it's time to do some back-to-school shopping. So if you're sprucing up your fall wardrobe,… more ›

Fall Fashions for Your Furry Friends
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4 years ago

Make sure none of your clothes or your pets colthes are leather or fur, also sheep wool is just fine though you don't have to kill a sheep to get the wool, I like my fashions and Shorty seems to have a thing for the color pink Skitters will tear up anything pink Skitters seems to like the color yellow and as for Teddy she seems to be thrilled with the color brown and the color white Skitters loves her bandanas and her sweaters and her collars and leashes Teddy loves her blankets and Shorty loves his kitty bed and playing dress up I have alot of looking around and shopping to do I love the fall and not only is fall my favorite season Halloween is my favorite holiday!

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