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Sun, Mar 29 | By Amy Lieberman | 276

Eds. note: This report contains details which may be too graphic for some readers. RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- One puppy's untimely death might prompt California courts to reconsider how they perceive pets as property. The… more ›

Fireman Kills Dog, Family Starts Legal Firestorm

Sat, Mar 28 | By Amy Lieberman | 164

FARGO, N.D. -- With the threat of severe flooding overtaking Fargo, regional pet owners and shelters alike are scrambling to ensure their animals' safety. Evacuations across the 92,000-population city were underway Friday morning… more ›

Flood Shelters Set Up for Dakota Animals

Sun, Mar 22 | By Amy Lieberman | 158

NEW YORK -- Laid off nearly nine months ago, Jill Borriss has seen her savings all but dry up, leaving her with only unemployment checks to cover her Upper West Side apartment's rent and daily needs. But no matter what happens, … more ›

Unemployed Pet Owner Helps Others in Need

Tue, Feb 24 | By Kris O'Donnell | 1365 | Watch video

Green products dominate Global Pet Expo: the industry's largest annual trade show brought out a slew of green products which will be hitting the shelves of pet retailers throughout the country in 2009 -- but don't wait until then, get a sneak peak n… more ›

Green Products Dominate Global Pet Expo

Mon, Feb 16 | By Amy Lieberman | 927

NEW YORK -- The year was 1952, and General Dwight D. Eisenhower has selected Sen. Richard Nixon to run alongside him as the Vice Presidential candidate. Drama took hold, though, two months before the election, when Nixon was accu… more ›

American Presidents Find Comfort in Their Pets

Sat, Feb 14 | By Robin Wallace | 1672 | Watch video

The mystery behind why we love cats and dogs is revealed in PBS' Nature's latest episode airing Sunday Feb. 15th. The 60-minute show dives into the intimate bond formed between human and animal from the perspective of pet owners to animal experts.… more ›

PBS Show Explains 'Why We Love Cats and Dogs'

Sat, Feb 14 | By Amy Lieberman | 764

There's love in the air this Valentine's Day, and it extends past human relationships, too. A host of various zoos across the country are putting on love-themed events tonight, showcasing the mating rituals of different wild animals. Some sweet talk… more ›

Zoos Showcase Animals' Love Lives On V-Day

Sun, Feb 1 | By Amy Lieberman | 990

It's been around since the 1940s, but tradition aside, horse carriages in New York City now have to go, one Councilman is saying. Tony Avella introduced the ban on the practice Friday at City Hall, where parties from both sides gave public testimon… more ›

Carriage Ban Debated at NY City Hall Meeting

Thu, Jan 29 | By Robin Wallace | 822

Stories of animal cruelty abound, but humanity's noble nature has shown perseverance in the last year with numerous people coming to the aid of pets. To honor these everyday heroes, Pet Pulse News created a "Top 10 Pet People of the Year" list, but… more ›

Top 10 'Not So Ordinary' Pet People Named

Sat, Jan 17 | By Amy Lieberman | 635

NEW YORK -- With that wagging tail and soulful eyes, not to mention those scruffy, floppy ears, your pet's face could not possibly be one only a mother could love. Or could it? "A lot of people think that thei… more ›

Pet Acting Gigs Not For All Animals

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