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Fri, Nov 30 | By Margo Ann Sullivan | 1

Canine's amazing journey ends in care of loving owner. Lying in the critical care unit at Angell Animal Medical, Blackie, a Cairn terrier mix, really needed a friend. The dog had plunged through a fourth-floor apartment window in Lawrenc… more ›

Dog Survives Four-Story Fall, Finds New Home
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2 years ago

I have heard cats have a better chance if they fall from higher up, Blackie's story is very touching, Abby was picked up as a stray in calafornia by a high kill shelter she had a broken leg that needed surgery she had come from a puppy mill and had been overbred is what the shelter thought they saved her leg and they figure she was hit by a car when she escaped from the puppy mill or jumped out of a car window she lived and she is now my sweet little dog also I had neighbor's who moved out they left the kitten behind and took the momma cat this has happened to me twice the most recent was Storm her mother Rain got to move with the owner but Storm had been dumped and I took her in and found her a new home then there was a little gray one when I was a bit younger that I took in and found a new home that was Oatmeal I wish he could have stayed but Teddy and Biff the two older cats Biff was an alley cat we had taken in did not seem to be too fond of Oatmeal so he had to find a new home.

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