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Fri, Nov 25 | By Margo Ann Sullivan | 1

Innovative toy keeps shelter pets active and agile. The MSCPA has rolled out a new toy to keep large breed dogs fit and alert while they wait for forever homes, according to Rob Halpin, MSPCA-Angell spokesman. It’s a scooter, he said. O… more ›

Dog-Powered Scooter Gives Rescued Animals New Skills
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4 years ago

wow this sounds kinda dangerous but I like the idea when I open my rescue some of the pets are gonna be trained to help out like employees would and they will be adoptable but they will be working with one certain employee until they get adopted or the employee adopts them the employees will also be aloud to foster them if they want to they will get to name them and work with them and pick which one to work with outta all of the pets that are there like a dog or a cat maybe even a bird or a pig this is how my rescue will work.

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