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Thu, Sep 12 | By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell | 1

No one expects to pick up the phone and hear their veterinarian tell them that their healthy dog they dropped off to the clinic’s dog groomer is on oxygen and not “in good condition,” but that’s exactly what happened to Barbara Calhoun last w… more ›

Dog Groomer Accused of Murdering Maltese
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2 years ago

We are careful about our groomers.
For a long time we were able to have a mobile groomer come to the house and take care of our dogs. She was great and our two Springers and one All American loved her. They felt comfortable here at home so it was very low stress.
She brought her own towels and washed them in our front bath tub. She also did a great job of cleaning up.
Unfortunately she moved, and now we go into town. Only one of those three is still with us, however, we've acquired a Basset mix that has short hair and only needs baths and nail clipping along with brushing.

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