Does Your Cat Tweet?

June 29, 2010 | By Flinn Dershem | Category: Entertainment | 14 comments
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Do you wonder what your cat might be doing when you’re not around? Now, curious owners can see what their felines are up to by following them on the social networking service Twitter.

Thanks to Cat@Log, a new device that Sony has developed in conjunction with the University of Tokyo, your cat can post throughout the day on Twitter. His tweets can let you know where here is and what he is doing.

The device fits relatively easily onto the collar, and is equipped with GPS, an acceleration sensor, a camera, and eleven original tweets. The acceleration sensor and GPS work in conjunction with a Twitter feed setup for your cat. And presto—the feed can tell you whether or not your cat is standing still, moving or eating.

A great place to get to know the world of tweeting cats is the Cats Who Twitter blog – a blog where you can find cats and their owners sharing their thoughts with the world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as if the new technology is being used by any of the popular tweeting cats on this blog. All of the cats I followed were clearly getting help from their parents tweeting.

For example, @DaBayouCat tweets about spending time at her grandma’s house, vacation and sitting on someone’s lap, @Furbylicious tweets “if not for sits, why is you made of warm?” And @DahliaPCat tweets “Mama likes to pick me up and loves me so much!” A preliminary scan of other feline Twitterfeeds revealed similar topics of discussion. Macneil/Lehrer, this is not.

The Sony technology may not change the popular trend of cat owners tweeting for their cats. But according to their product release, the company hopes that soon, the camera on the device will be able to recognize sights, like other cat’s faces. The day may not be far off when your cat can tweet “just ran into Sniffles next door!” or “Looks like I am stuck up a tree again!”

Right now though, the dominant trend in cat tweeting is cute, funny Tweets that, over time, reveal the personality of the cat – or the personality of the cat's owner. In this world, it’s hard to imagine any device matching the creativity of some of these tweeters.

Check out the Cats Who Twitter blog at

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4 years ago

this reminds me of LOL cats, so funny!

Good Point | Reply ›

daryl b.

daryl b.
5 years ago

doany of yours tweet. super scoot doesn't need a computer to tweet

Good Point | Reply ›

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