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Mon, Dec 26 | By Margo Ann Sullivan | 1

Rescue organization provides flight transport for animals in need. Middletown, R.I. – Her story started on a North Carolina veterinarian’s doorstep where she was dropped in a box with her littermates. But Kisses, a black and tan hound puppy… more ›

Cloud Nine Rescue Flies Pets to Forever Homes
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4 years ago

This is a good idea but one problem these people have never met these dogs they have only seen them online and read a discription about them online but what happens if it doesn't work out where does the dog end up then where does the dog go it could be the dog doesn't like the family or doesn't get along with them or the family may decide that the dog is not the right fit for them what happens with the dog then cause they are outta a home and homeless again with no were to go!

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