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June 3, 2013 | By

Earlier this year, published an article with Pet Predictions for 2013. Let's jump back and remember:

Dog Shows Gain Popularity

Dogs shows are highly anticipated events, even though they sometimes leave uninitiated viewers scratching their heads. Each dog shown is judged on how closely he or she matches a set of standards for his or her breed. While we can’t predict which breeds will win the shows in 2013, we can say the shows themselves are gaining interest. NBC’s coverage of The National Dog Show presented by Purina was up 13 percent in ratings from last year.

One thing we believe dog show organizers will stop doing is making them so serious. Could it be that in the middle of the Westminster show a beautiful white toy poodle will come out riding Mit Romney’s horse, Rafalca to the song, “Gangnam Style?” Rafalca does know how to dance. Or, at the end of the National Dog Show, all of the dogs, winners and losers will sit and and sway to “Everyone is Beautiful?” Well, maybe not. But they’ll still be a ton of fun to watch.

Extreme Grooming Goes 80s

In recent years, we’ve seen the trends in dog grooming go from dying a dog’s hair bright colors to “tattooing” dogs with washable hair dye. Next year, in light of Bret Michael’s newly launched clothing line for dogs, we predict the new style for grooming will be lots of high, brightly-colored 80s hair for dogs, making most pet lovers want to say, “Excuse me, Spot, but 1988 called and they want their hair back.”

Animals in Movies will Inspire Better Pet Parenting

In the “spirit” of some of the movies made this year such as “Frankenweenie” and “ParaNorman,” we really think Hollywood should look at making a Canine or Feline Ghost Whisperer. If Lassie, a real live dog, could warn his family of impending dangers, why not a ghost dog to solve their problems?

But our serious wish is that in a 2013 world, people will not run out and make impulse purchases because of the cute dog they saw on the silver screen, but instead research and adopt a pet/breed that is right for their family and then commit to it for life. We think the parts being written for pets, and the publicity they recieve, will begin to inspire as much. For instance all the real-life attention the rescued Jack Russell Terrier, Uggie, garnered after starring in  “The Artist” was a great start.

Pets Will Write Books

Author Jim Gorant started a look into the lives of pit bulls with his books “The Lost Dogs” and “Wallace” in 2012 while Josh Dean chronicled the adventures of a purebred in “Show Dog.” Michael Vick also had a book of his own in 2012, his biography, “Finally Free.” In 2013, we don’t think there’s anywhere else for this to go but to have the pets pen their own story in something like, “Finally Free From Lost Dogs to Victory Dogs: Our Story as Only we can Tell it Through a Pet Psychic.”

At the very least we’ll see it in fiction, a la Garth Stein’s beautiful novel, “The Art of Racing in the Rain.”

Cats Get Smarter with Maze Toys

We’re sure that the hot cat toys most cats would love to have is a never-ending supply of real mice, but it’s not very humane for the mice, and it is creepy for us pet owners. Instead, we’re predicting that the Catit Design Senses Food Maze is a good substitute. This toy promotes your cat’s brain development and just like chasing mice, is great for exercise.

Long-Lasting Chews Make Waves

Most dogs, like our cats, would love nothing but to have some sort of furry animal to chase down, only our dogs would also like to have their bones to chew on, literally. Again, messy and creepy for pet parents. Instead, there are toys and chews that will provide that prey stimulation and satisfy our dogs, such as the Better Than Gnawin’ Ultimate Interactive Dog Chew Toy. Long lasting and bacon flavored, what more could a dog–-or a dog parent--want.

New Laws Regarding Pets will Pop Up

Our government has tried Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) to protect the public. In 2013, we predict we will see the reversal of BSL and through new, highly researched and funded studies, we will see the implementation of what will become known as OSL, or Owner-Specific Legislation. In one simple brain scan, potential bad pet owners can be identified as detrimental and dangerous to helpless animals, and will be banned from ever owning a pet. Ok, so that one is a wish.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of our Pet360 readers. May all of your wishes and dreams for you and your pets come true in 2013.

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