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Tue, Oct 23 | By Margo Ann Sullivan | 1

Initiative seeks to change reputation of misunderstood breed. Pit bulls once enjoyed a reputation as trusted family pets before the media gave the entire breed a black eye. "No type of dog is more misunderstood, mistreated,… more ›

Celebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Day
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3 years ago

no I don't Pittbulls should always be celebrated they are great dogs my Blue Boy and Momma Pitt were great dogs my Blue boy Showed up in my yard and I could not keep him cause Skitters was still around and She didn't like him but being a young 1 year old blue pitt he got adopted fast as for Momma pitt she was sweet heart and was shy when I met her at the shelter but after working with her a man and his two boys adopted her she was no longer shy just a sweet heart sure Lecter my uncles pitt bull killed Ernie a dog he had lived with for years and sure Bronco my uncles other pitt jumped through the window and attacked the mail man but we don't know what happend either of those times no one was home there was also the other small dog Duffy she was a girl and lived with Lecter and ernie but they were all fixed my only thing I had go wrong with a pitt bull was when a big 6 month old pittbull puppy mix was on leash he wanted to play I was not strong enough to handle him it was my own mistake but they said other volunteers at the shelter had problems with him before but there was no warning on his kennel about that so I had walked him anyways people wanted the dog to be put down but for me that was not an option he was a big 6 month old puppy that didn't know any better and that would have just given the pittbull an even worse rap around here where I live the pittbulls rap gets a bit better and then all of a sudden it gets way worse so bad that no one wants them either a couple people want them around here or no one at all wants them.

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