Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

October 7, 2012 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | Category: Heroes | 1 comment
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Five easy ways to promote pet adoption throughout October.

When individuals give a loving forever home to a furry companion, every day is a cause for celebrating pet adoption. And this month, the ASPCA and other rescue organizations are increasing efforts to match these four-legged family members with humans through the nationwide program Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

Throughout the month of October, these advocacy groups are helping to place these animals with caring pet parents though a variety of ways. Here are some of Zootoo’s favorites:

(1) Spread the word about adoptable pets in your area! If you hear about someone who is considering adoption as an option, help them find shelter pets through Zootoo's "Adoptable Pets" page, powered by Petfinder.

(2) Support adoption as the only option. Find out how you can join the ASPCA's campaign against pet store puppies in order to encourage shelter dog adoption.

(3) Ask your local shelter about specific needs. If you don’t have the time or resources to volunteer or make a cash donation to your local rescue group, you still might be able to help out. Many organizations need gently used pet products or household items, such as warm blankets – and can provide you with a list of particular areas of need. Find a center near you through our Pet Service Finder.

(4) Encourage individuals to spay/neuter pets to reduce the number of future potential homeless pets. Share the Top 10 Reasons to Spay/Neuter a Pet to help educate others.

(5) Promote Adopt a Shelter Dog Month through your local shelter or rescue group. If you're a volunteer at your local rescue organization, help them spread the word through free posters and activity books available at the American Humane Association's website. You can also check out other resources there, such as web banners for promoting the initiative on your own website.

How will you celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month? Have you heard about activities that are planned in your area? Share your stories below!

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3 years ago

No I haven't but I just Adopted Abby and I am always volunteering for a local rescue group I plan on fostering more dogs or cats either once Shorty has passed or once Abby has settled in and there is more income in the house so that both dogs can eat the same food we will pay for the food that way and be helping out with the money too!

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