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Mon, May 6 | By Paris Permenter & John Bigley via Pet360 | 1

As pet parents of two mixed breed rescue dogs, we sometimes lament the lack of cute pet products that tout our favorite breed: rescue. Last year, two Cincinnati dog lovers and entrepreneurs got together and launched Project Blue Collar,… more ›

Blue Collar Projects Pride in Rescue
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2 years ago

This is a great idea although not everyone has this mind set that rescue animals are damaged goods how can some one even think that when they are living breathing creatures with feelings just like humans they are not a piece of property I don't get why some people treat them that way the way I see is that Abby and Shasta are my daughters and Shorty is my son I have 3 kids not 3 pieces of property or some damaged goods that is why I am with rescue to tell the truth as far as I am concerned Abby, Shasta, Shorty and any other rescue animals are better than buying from a breeder sure there should be adoption but selling a child or buying one of 4 legs or just two they should always call it adoption cause you don't buy a child you adopt them but great idea I have never seen them here but one of the most popular things amongst teens and adults are the silicone bracelets.

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