Baking for Kitty: Kiki Nom Noms

By Angela Sterner
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Kiki Nom Noms: Cat Treats Baked to Purrfection!

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My cat, Kiki, loves when we bake. It’s ridiculous, really, because she is never allowed to eat whatever we’re baking, but this never stops her from being a very attentive spectator.

Every year at this time, Mark and I go into full on baking mode, churning out tons of Christmas cookies, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and assorted candies to take with us when we go to parties. Kiki usually takes a spot close enough to the action so that she can see what’s happening, but not so close that she gets shooed away. To that end, she has become quite familiar with the boundaries. She isn’t allowed to put a paw on the table, but if she stands on her hind legs and balances on her own, she is allowed to peek at anything we put on the table. She shocks me with her grace and balance when she tries!

This year, I decided that I’d like to bake something that Kiki and Calvin can actually enjoy. Many of our friends have pets, and Mark and I love to play the part of the fun Aunt and Uncle when we go visiting, so the treats I made for our cats are actually going to double as fun holiday gifts for our fur nieces and fur nephews. Here’s what I did, so you can be the favorite Aunt or Uncle, too.

To make a treat bag, you’ll need:

1-5.5 oz can of pate style cat food. I used Friskies Turkey and Giblets because it’s what Calvin likes best

1 ungreased cookie sheet

1 celophane bag

1 twist tie

1 toy mouse for each cat receiving this glorious treat bag

Curling ribbon in a color of your choice


To create your fabulous cat treats:

Open the can of cat food and turn it upside down onto a plate. (This was the hardest part for me, because I knew I wanted it to stay intact, but it took a while to get the blob of pate to come out of the can).

Once it’s on the plate, take a butter knife and cut the hunk of pate into thin strips.

Once you have made strips, cut them again to form small, bite sized pieces

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

Spread the little bite sized pieces across an ungreased baking sheet

Give your cats a few chunks that won’t fit on the baking sheet, if there are any. This is akin to you licking the spoon when you’re making cookies- letting them sit and meow at you is torture. Mine got a sliver each.

Bake until crispy. It took mine about 20 minutes.

Remove from the oven and let cool

Once they’re cool, give your cats a treat each so they can test them. Yet again… think about cookies fresh from the oven. Give those kitties some lovin!

Pour the treats into the cellophane bag and secure the twist tie around the top to close it

Tie curling ribbon around the top. Wrap the tail of a toy mouse or two in the curling ribbon before you make a bow. (I do one toy mouse per cat in the family who’s getting these. The treat bag in the photo is just going to be for Boris, so I’m only affixing one toy mouse. When I make them for Henry, Rocky, and Ella, there will be three mice.)

Curl the ribbon using scissors

Store in the refrigerator. Since this was made out of canned food, it’s better to keep these cool.

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