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September 27, 2011 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | Category: Products | 1 comment
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Interactive playtime products to entertain and motivate your pet.

As kids head back to school, many pet parents may wonder if their four-legged family members could also benefit from mental stimulation.

Fortunately, many products now feature interactive elements, giving pets the chance to enhance their curiosity and imagination during playtime.

Here are some of our favorites:

The Leo Dog Toy from Canine Genius sharpens your pooch's problem-solving skills through its unique treat-release system. Shaped like a bowling pin and made of rubber, your dog will enjoy teasing out the treat locked inside. As a bonus, you can combine multiple Leo toys to create a maze of puzzles for your dog. The toy is also available in miniature versions for smaller breeds or younger dogs.

Felines show natural curiosity about almost anything -- even an empty cardboard box! -- but cat owners looking for more engaging toys should investigate the Turbo Track for cats. Like the Leo dog toy, the pieces of the Turbo Track can be combined into different shapes to give cats new racetrack variations on which to chase the toy's ball. To excite your cats even further, try switching the ball with a catnip toy, guaranteeing that they will stay focused on the track longer.

The Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone, by Premier, combines three elements that stimulate a dog's natural hunting and retrieving instincts -- a mobile ball, a bone shape, and a rawhide taste. As with similar interactive toys, the parts of the bone can be replaced, providing lasting entertainment for your pooch.

Indulge your cat's mousing instinct without worrying about rodents in your home--courtesy of the Playables cat toy by Toy Shoppe. These catnip-scented toys mirror the look and feel of real mice, including a rattling sound to entice and satisfy cats even further. Cat owners will also appreciate the handy packs of multiples, ensuring that your felines won't completely rid the house of these "mice."

Add your own reviews by clicking on the product links above -- and tell us more about your favorite products below. Which toys do your pets like to play with?

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4 years ago

Teddy likes anything on a string with feathers and she thinks it's even better if it is a loofa too. Shorty and Teddy both love to play with ty beanie babies, Skitters likes her neo pets, Shorty has a little frog that clicks when it hops that he loves but it went missing I can't find it or any toy like it. A great toy for dogs is Mr. oh no or the sqeakies wthout stuffing.

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