ASPCA's "Operation Pit" Promotes Spaying and Neutering

July 18, 2010 | By Amy Lieberman | Category: Heroes | 17 comments
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(Photo courtesy of ASPCA)

A vasectomy for a male Pit is also another option for owners who choose to enroll their dog in “Operation Pit” – the less invasive surgery won’t work to prevent health issues in a way that neutering a male will, but it will still serve as an effective form of birth control. It will also not alter a male’s physical appearance, which some pet owners are wary of doing when considering fixing their male dog, Murray explained.

All Pits aged between three months to six years are eligible to join the ranks of “Operation Pit,” which won’t require them to stay at the ASPCA hospital for more than one day. Dogs first receive a complimentary check-up by a veterinarian, and then in addition to being fixed, will get vaccinations and a microchip, a result of the ASPCA’s partnership with the organization Home Again for this initiative.

The brave dogs will go home with military, camouflage “doggie gear,” including bandanas and tank tops, demonstrating their strength and resilience throughout their mission.

Owners have been very enthusiastic about the military theme to this initiative, Murray says, really responding to “the nice feeling of community and that this is a team effort.”

The ASPCA isn’t aware of any other like Pit-geared spay/neuter/vasectomy initiatives across the U.S., but the overwhelming dominance of Pit and Pit-mixes in city shelters is a nationwide problem, Murray says, predominantly concentrated in urban and suburban areas. Misperceptions of Pit Bulls as naturally aggressive dogs don’t help their ability to find permanent homes, either.

“There definitely is this view by some members of the public of these dogs as frightening, and a lot of that just comes from urban legend, but it is very important for Pit owners to be very responsible, since they are big, strong dogs,” Murray noted. “Any time you have that dogs are capable of inflicting harm or developing behavior issues if they are not handled correctly. But they are really great dogs if they are, like all other dogs, raised properly and socialized.”

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daryl b.

daryl b.
3 years ago

the poor pit needs all the good promotion they can get

Good Point | Reply ›

Denise L.

Denise L.
4 years ago

A very necessary program! Pit bulls are usually put down when they are surrendered to shelters because of the undeserved stigma they have gotten from disgustingly cruel people (& most shelters can't afford rehab).

Good Point | Reply ›

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