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Thu, Oct 4 | By Margo Ann Sullivan | 1

Contest boosts adoption rates from coast to coast. Lloyd, the Labrador retriever mix, came up aces on Day One of the ASPCA/Rachael Ray $100K Challenge. He found a new home. He also helped his human friends at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter … more ›

ASPCA/Rachael Ray Challenge Finds Homes for Thousands of Pets
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3 years ago

No I don't but they should work with the animals the behaivor can make a big diffrance and training too such as if they get along with dogs cats kids babies ex.... also this is so stupid but I have had adoptions fall through before just because the dog or cat is not house broken it is so easy to house break an animal people want the dog to be perfect even though there is no such thing as perfect some times all a dog needs is a cute hair cut so many people in this area right now want cocker spaniels the breed can make a diffrance too also inform people about breeds so they don't say oh I always wanted a dalmation and then adopt it and bring it back make sure they know of what to excpect from the breed high energy couch potato what make sure with pitt bulls that everyone knows that they are great family dogs and may have a bad rep but most of them are great dogs as for a doxie most people do not know a standard is actually alot bigger and can weigh up to 25 pounds. Also let them know they are saving a life by adopting even from a rescue cause then the rescue can take in another one that they did not have room for before also make sure they know breed doesn't matter papers don't matter and tell them to let their new pet pick them instead of them picking it that makes stronger bonds even if they never thought they would want that breed Abby picked us Rigbee picked the son of the owner of a local buisness Taco picked me he really liked me but did not bond with us all only me make sure the family dog likes the whole family before adopting.

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