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Fri, Mar 15 | By Jennifer Coates, DVM via | 1

Every pet site gets to talk animal news, but somehow, every time I try it out I get accused of straying outside my veterinary zone. So to thwart any more of the same criticism I've decided to take a decidedly veterinary stance on all the animal news … more ›

Animals in the news: The veterinary perspective edition
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2 years ago

Well Shasta saw a fly crawling across the couch and ate it I also had some turkey sausage bites and Shorty tried to swipe the bag of them right off the table, Bruiser the boston terrier that had been used as a bait dog had been adopted but he came back today it turns out that he has severe seperation anxiety and would bark and whine whenever his owners left him, one last thing is There are people wanting to adopt the beagle Baby now and they already have two beagles of their own, as for this news I have heard this all before except for the fox story have you heard that if you breed foxes over time they will change personality and color and even their markings will change it is as if the ones they have bred have turned into their own breed of dog or cat I don't remember which one they are closely related to but I found this very interesting.

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