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Sun, Nov 20 | By Margo Ann Sullivan | 1

Two heroes pledge to save animals as a tribute to their beloved Golden Retriever. When John Talbot and Dorr Begnal lost their 15-year-old Golden Retriever, Daphne in 2004, they grieved at first but then searched for a meaningful tribute to a fr… more ›

Adopt-a-Turkey Campaign Gets Boost From Dog Lovers
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4 years ago

I would love to adopt a turkey once I am on my own if I did it now and I am serious about this my step dad would try to kill it and eat even if it had a name and was a pet he has wanted to eat my cats and my dog before one year I did a fishing thing at a store were I caught a trout and he was big and they put him in a bag of water so he was still alive I wanted to keep him outside in a pond as a pet instead of eating him but when I turned my back for one second my step dad had taken him and chopped his head off I did not eat him but eveyone else did so I have to be careful with what types of pets I have right now!

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