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Mon, Nov 12 | By Zootoo Pet News Staff | 1

Annual event highlights older pets in need of forever homes. Throughout the month of November, rescue organizations and shelters from coast to coast are encouraging individuals to consider older pets when adding a new four-legged family member.… more ›

Adopt a Senior Pet Month Is Here
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3 years ago

People take home a puppy or a kitten and then give them up because of their age or because they are old and they can't watch them be put down when the time comes I don't think people realize that when you get a puppy or a kitten it's just like marriage til death do us part your in it for the long haul you should be caring for them until they lose their life from age or natrual causes the best reason to adopt one is because they need the rest of their life to be as happy as possible even if that is just a few days, a few weeks or 5 years that pet should not have to lose their life in a shelter no animal should plus some shelters are outdoor ones and old bones are brittle and need more warmth and care.

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