10 Signs Your Cat Has Star Quality

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Is your cute, crazy feline ready for the spotlight?

The behavior of cats never fails to entertain, delight, and surprise their owners. Whether these curious creatures are chasing their own shadows or diving into boxes, felines always keep us smiling with their frenzied frolicking.

To celebrate the unique fun that cats bring into our lives, the folks who make Fresh Step® cat litter are looking for those hilarious felines out there that are ready to step into the spotlight.

If your cat is all set to take his amusing antics from the living room into the limelight, upload your home video to the Fresh Step® YouTube channel. Your kitty may be chosen to be in the next Fresh Step® commercial!

But how do you know if your cat has star power? Check out these signs that your cat may be ready for center stage:

1. Your cat performs such feats of dexterity -- such as opening the treat jar on his own -- that you wonder if he has opposable thumbs.

2. You often find your cat resting on top of surfaces that would have required a 20-foot jump to reach.

3. You wonder if your cat is plotting world domination.

4. Your cat would easily fit into a circus troupe as a high-wire acrobat.

5. Other pets in your household recognize your cats' superiority without question.

6. You would swear your cat has done a full back flip more than once while chasing the laser light.

7. You find yourself humming the tunes your cat plays on the piano.

8. Your cat actively "supervises" any chores, hobbies, or tasks you attempt to complete.

9. Your houseguests send postcards home describing your kitty's unbelievable antics.

10. It's your cat's world... we're all just living in it.

So if your cat is an endless source of entertainment (and whose isn't?!), upload your home video to the Fresh Step® YouTube channel today!

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5 years ago

Teddy and Shorty are already stars in my book.

Good Point | Reply ›

daryl b.

daryl b.
5 years ago

i think all the cats on the zoo are stars

Good Point | Reply ›

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