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For people that love hamsters.

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A group for all those who have the unique and inquisitive little desert rodents called GERBILS! Okay, fine, HERE they might be disguised as Common hamsters, Mouse-like hamsters, Longtailed hamster, Satin rats, golden hamsters, Abyssinian Guinea Pigs… more ›

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this group is for all small animals like guinea pigs and fish hamsters and other animals

5 members | 2 discussions

must love syrian hamsters and all animals

5 members

DO YOU LOVE BUNNIES THAN THIS GROUP IS FOR YOU! Please join this group if you love your bunny ,if you want to stop bunny cruelty or if you just love bunnies!So please join this group and show people how many people love bunnies!

5 members | 5 discussions

This group is Rescue & Adoption oriented. Created to share knowledge and experiences between GPs lovers...

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If you own a guinea pig,Join and we can talk about all of the Moments,Problems,Or anything,We can state opinions,The things you hate or LOVE about your little piggy...And meet other people who adore Guinea pigs.

5 members | 2 discussions

For owners of Degu or anyone wanting to know or discuss Degus.

5 members | 3 discussions

If you love rabbits and have a rabbit from an animal shelter please join and share your stories. We need to promote the adoption of rabbits in shelters.

4 members | 2 discussions

How many pets you have?

4 members | 3 discussions

this group is all about bunnies!!! we will have great tips and other things!!! JOIN JOIN JOIN!!!!!!

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