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1000 bunnies die every year because of Easter.People think they are so cute and want their kids to have one then in 2 weeks they dump it at the pound.If you want to help please join you don't need to have a bunny!

13 members | 1 discussion

If you love rats please join i know rats seem scary but they are nice loving animals i have one myself.

12 members | 2 discussions

If its possible to have an Obama Group here, this is the place! Tired of seeing Sarah Palin shooting animals? Want a leader who will address Climate Change for the Polar Bears? Want more Green Jobs for a cleaner world for all? Sign up, sign on, v… more ›

11 members | 5 discussions

This is a group for all sugar glider lovers to hang out, share funny sugar glider stories, and tell everyone about your very own little buddy or buddys!!!

10 members

For those who love Sugar Gliders

10 members

Rabbit info ,rabbit fun, for any one who loves rabbits!!!!:-)please asck qt's will be happy to talk about it!!!

9 members

All breeds are welcomed but the mini lop is my fave rabbit! but feel free to join if u dont love bunnies that much! im welcomed to all animal lovers!

9 members | 1 discussion

tAlK aBoUt GuInEa PiGs

9 members

For people who have or are looking to get sugar gliders.

9 members | 3 discussions

Parents of guinea pigs, who see these animals for what they are and truly love them. If you are looking to share ideas, veggies, or tips concerning loving and raising guinea pigs then join this group.

9 members

Love rats! Have some as pets or maybe you are looking into getting some ratties! This is a great place to meet other rat lovers and learn more about rats. Also there are many ratties available for adoption.Join today!!

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