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25 members | 5 discussions

This group is perefct if you love bunnies, have a bunny, or trying to convince your parents to get a bunny!!!

21 members | 2 discussions

If you love bunnies this is the group for you!! We need to stop bunny cruelty its not right!!!! please stand up for them!WE ARE THEIR VOICE.IF WE DON'T WHO WILL? DON'T BREED OR BUY WHILE SHELTER RABBITS DIE. SAVE A LIFE ADOPT … more ›

20 members | 13 discussions

This group will be dedicated to those of us who seem to have a camera in our hand at all times prepared to take "nature shots." I would enjoy sharing mine and viewing other's. It will be especially fun and create to describe the behaviors we observ… more ›

19 members | 5 discussions

Anybody who owns or wants a cute hamster join our group!! Please share your knowledge and interests with other hamster owners. We'll be tons of fun!! :)

19 members | 6 discussions

if you need help on rats or just want to share stories this is the group to join!!

18 members | 10 discussions

Paws for Peace is dedicated to educating animal lovers about the benefits of holistic health care. Our site is full of information and articles written by experts in the many fields of holistic pet health. Our intention is to gather information and m… more ›

18 members | 1 discussion

everyone who loves guinea pigs should be here!

16 members | 6 discussions

This is the group for ferret lovers only! we share stories about our cute little ferrets! so come join the fun!!

15 members | 5 discussions

This is a group where you can come and discuss your gerbil's medical issues, food, toys, treats, and more!

15 members | 4 discussions

If you love Dutch rabbits you should join this group

13 members | 1 discussion

1000 bunnies die every year because of Easter.People think they are so cute and want their kids to have one then in 2 weeks they dump it at the pound.If you want to help please join you don't need to have a bunny!

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