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I love turtle they have so much character!!

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If you love Bearded Dragons and live in Louisiana you are welcome here any time no matter who you are, and feel free to add pictures at any time too.

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For Amphibian Lovers Everywhere, wheter you own an amphibian, or just love them! Frog, newt, skink, toad, salamander and so forth owners and/or lovers are welcome!

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Anyone who has reptiles and amphibians or is interested in them. Trying to get a local base to meet others who are interested, maybe put on a reptile show, but anyone is welcome to join.

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Do you have a spiny softshell? Let's join together and share tips and tales.

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CT Reptile Rescue provides Rescue, Conservation and Educational Programs for all Reptiles, Amphibians and Arachnids

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hermit crab our are friends go agianist paint shells

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