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My female dragon has become more plump and more aggresive towards me. I don't know how old she is exactly she's but she's around a year and a half- 2 yrs. i'm wondering if she's pregnant since she is home with my male. help please. Yes… more ›

61 members | 6 discussions

For everyone with a special place in their heart for a cute little reptile.... I respect, appreciate, and love all animals but my 2 beardies, now passed on and my 2 magnificent Iguanas are my passion. I detest the abuse and mistreatment… more ›

34 members | 5 discussions

I am not the one who started this group, but I think it would be amazing to have other Leopard Gecko lovers to share experience with and help with any issues some may have. So if you know anyone that has Leopard Gecko's you should get them to join th… more ›

28 members | 5 discussions

Anyone and everyone who loves any kind of reptile or amphibian may join this group. We stand up for the rights of reptiles/amphibians and their owners/handlers.

19 members | 12 discussions

Herbit Crab Lovers UNITE! Come and tell the tale of your Crabitate, your cute hermie stories, your stories of PMS, (Pre Molting Syndrome). Your Hermie triumpths and defeats. We love our crabbies through think and thin,… more ›

18 members | 1 discussion

i would love to join this croup,and i love beardes.

18 members | 3 discussions

Lets not forget about our pet Amphibians! Join this group if you love Amphibians, or own one as a pet. This can include Frogs,toads,salamanders,newts,axolotls,etc... Feel free to ask questions about there care or submit tips.

14 members | 5 discussions

This group is for people who love or are interested in iguanas. You may have a pet iggy and want more information about husbandry, you may just like them and want to talk with others who have them, or you just like the animal. Anyone really may jo… more ›

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