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12 members | 3 discussions

This group is for anyone who LOVES horses!! Join now and have loads of fun and learn new things if you don't know much about horses!! Whether you have horses, ponies, or miniature horses!!

12 members | 6 discussions

To discuss and talk about one of the most beautiful horse breeds in te world: The Palomino.

11 members | 2 discussions

Group promotes responsible trail riding, shares horse camping information and best spots in the country to ride, camp and meet new friends!

11 members | 3 discussions

A group for any and all dressage riders, trainers and enthusiasts! Come share stories, problems, questions and successes!

10 members | 1 discussion

Diana Tuorto has been writing fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction since the age of ten. Her novels, poetry, and short stories often focus on issues such as animal abuse and neglect, love (lost and gained), and the struggle for freedom and indivi… more ›

9 members

NY Hrse Lovers is a club for those who are from New York that love horses. You don't have to own a horse of your own, or even ride. But if you just have a passion or soft spot for these amazing creatures please join.

9 members | 2 discussions

Discuss the positive traits of the TB, the misconceptions, e.g. the hot, crazy TB, retraining the race horse, the race industry and its responsibilities to the horses it uses and throws away.

9 members | 1 discussion

This group is for people who love horses and love buckskins. Anyone can join and share their feelings about horses.

9 members | 1 discussion

We are a draft horse specific equine rescue. If you love draft horses, want to learn more about their special needs or just enjoy talking heavy horses...come by and say hello!

9 members

This is a group of individuals who have in one way or another come together for the horses ...whether through adoption, volunteering or just the love of the horses. WE do not want to see horses at kill auctions ike in this photo...

9 members

Horse Theft did not go out in the "old west" days. Stolen Horse International, Inc, sometimes referred to as SHI or, is the first site on the Internet, and the only not-for-profit organization providing educational programs and informat… more ›

9 members | 3 discussions

For those who practice or are interested in learning about Natural Horsemanship and having a relationship with your horse. Discussions on training, natural hoof trimming, stories, problems, solutions, your journey with your horse. Beginners welcome.

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