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Discovering the Cause of Cancer There are many cancer foundations which work towards finding a cure and while we applaud their efforts, we want to know what's causing it. The funds raised from the walk will finance the first… more ›

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This is for people who love APBTs! Who want to stop dog fighting and give this breed a good name, its real name, not what the media has given it.

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Drill Team and Therapy Dog Team. We teach our dogs, learn from them, learn from expert dog trainers. Then we learn dance drills, learn to be therapy teams, learn agiliity, rally, obedience, play together and care for each other and the communities we… more ›

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A group for all dog "pack leaders" and those who'd like to learn how to become pack leaders. This group is to promote a responsible pack leadership and to educate about achieving balance in a relationship with our dogs. It's a place whe… more ›

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Occasionally we put clothing on our dogs. Sometimes we do it to keep them warm (sweaters and mitts). Sometimes we do it for the holidays (antlers and Halloween costumes). Sometimes we just need them to match us for a family photo. Some of us will… more ›

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For anyone in Columbia, MO who has Boxers, likes Boxers, or has any pets, dogs or just wants to join the fun. A place to share photos and pet and Boxer stories - because there are stories to tell!

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This group is for people who share their lives with Deaf Dogs. Share your experiences, get tips and help teach people that deaf dogs make great companions!

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Our group is dedicated to helping satos find homes. Many of us have adopted satos and have a special place in our heart for these animals.

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If you know a great rescue group that can benefit from sales of our new pendant let us know at!

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Brookline is an all volunteer not for profit rescue that helps to find new homes for dogs that can no longer stay in their homes and dogs in shelters or puppy mills

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