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STOP the animal cruelty people NOW because if someone catch you doing that youll pay really bad, so if you stop nothing will happend but if you dont they will send you to prison for year so STOP THE ANIMAL CRUELTY AND ABUSEMENT...

54 members | 11 discussions

She is a very happy dog. We got her form a lady that kept her in a cage all day long. Now she lives inside and has 10 acres to run and lots of playmates!

53 members | 9 discussions

Snowball lives in Upstate NY and is a med. sized American Eskimo - weighs about 25#. We got her up North from an individual who raises them in Sept. 05. She will be 4 yrs. old in July. She is a very loving and well behaved dog. She loves to go walki… more ›

51 members | 3 discussions

Do you mind a little heavy breathing? Do you have a problem with phlem, does snoring turn you off? Is a hocker gross to you? Then maybe you are in the wrong place. On the other hand, do you want to be loved, amused, cuddled, and looked up to? Th… more ›

49 members | 6 discussions

For everyone out there who has a chihuahua, or wants a chihuahua join this group! They are the cutest dogs in the entire world and everyone should have one as their pet/friend!

48 members | 4 discussions

this is a group for anyone who loves pugs! even if you have one or not. feel free to join!

47 members | 4 discussions

I have a short haired miniature silver dapple with a blue & a brown eye. Looking forward to discussing anything & everything about dachshunds. We can learn alot from one another. I know that I still have alot to learn even after reading up on… more ›

46 members | 3 discussions

This group is for people in MA/RI that own small dogs (20 lbs and under) and are interested in meeting other small-dog owners for doggie play dates, or just chatting about our dogs!

44 members | 3 discussions

This group is for anyone who owns a cockapoo and loves their dog like a child!

44 members | 7 discussions

Here's a group where we can all enjoy talking about our little Blanket Buddies!!

43 members | 5 discussions

a group all about puppies, their behaviors,habits,etc. This group is to unite puppy lovers all over the world!

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