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The name says it all. Basset hound lovers everywhere!

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Hi everyone, I have just joined the group and I have two Yorkie's, both female. Gabbi was our first Yorkie that we got when she was 10 weeks old. Later on we decided to adopt a little rescue Yorkie from the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue.… more ›

77 members | 12 discussions

Join the Rottweiler group on - We always look for more members to connect, share useful information about our beloved Rottweilers

77 members | 15 discussions

this is buttons at a dog show she won a trophy 2nd place. she just love to show off. also have 2 other schnauzer (mini) brandi and bubbles. brandi also loves the shows but my bubbles the black schnauzer does not. maybe she will after her pups are bor… more ›

72 members | 10 discussions

This group affiliates all people who love their dogs whatever their breed is (or not!) If you think that mixed breed dogs are beautiful because unique, or simply your, sign up! Everybody welcome!

66 members | 1 discussion

we would like to share photos and updates of adopted dogs, mostly to see the progress these guys have made by being in loving homes. It is always a rewarding sight to see dogs and cats as companion animals who have benifited from the stray adoptions … more ›

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This is a group for people who love Bichon Frise.

62 members | 6 discussions

Labrador Retreiver

58 members | 4 discussions

Dog lovers of California

58 members | 4 discussions

We have had this shelter forever and we are just getting more and more animals in and its getting outragous! we badly need a new shelter! so what we need to do is win this makeover for the pets health and comfort!! so earn as many points as possible!… more ›

56 members | 16 discussions

Share your stories about adopted and rescued animals.

55 members | 11 discussions

Snickers was left at our local No- Kill Animal Rescue CARA in Jackson, MS along with her other 5 siblings. Snickers & her sister Sadie are now part of our family!

55 members | 1 discussion

STOP the animal cruelty people NOW because if someone catch you doing that youll pay really bad, so if you stop nothing will happend but if you dont they will send you to prison for year so STOP THE ANIMAL CRUELTY AND ABUSEMENT...

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