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German Shepherd Dog Lovers Everywhere. We can't imagine our live without one. Join our group.

192 members | 28 discussions

A group all about pit bulls! If you like pit bulls and dislike dog abusers this is the group for you! PIT BULLS ARE NOT ALWAYS MEAN! most pit bulls are kind there are only a few bad ones and you can't blame the breed.

189 members | 6 discussions

for all dog and cat lovers

184 members | 38 discussions

Join the Boxer Fan Club on

156 members | 13 discussions

We like to pose our pups for photos. Armed with lots of treats and loads of patience, we coerce our doggies into sitting still just long enough for a photo. Sometimes we get the shot... most of the time we don't. Please post stories, tips, photos,… more ›

143 members | 9 discussions

This is a group to honor the development of man kind to being less abusive to animals. any pet lovers are welcome. I dedicate this group to my 14 year old dobermann who died of cancer when I was 4.

143 members | 21 discussions

This groups is dedicated to all Boston Terrier owners nationwide. Join us in our discussions, suggestions and photo galleries for the cutest pet out there...

132 members | 14 discussions

God created dogs, and when he perfected them he created Goldens.

129 members | 14 discussions

For people that love labs

123 members | 17 discussions

This group is for Dogs who love Agility! The Sport of Agility is great entertainment for dog and owner.

119 members | 30 discussions

My previous boy Sammy. He is the most protective dog I have ever owned. I love him with all my heart.

116 members | 42 discussions

Excerpts from" "There are many cancer foundations which work towards finding a cure, and while we applaud their efforts, we want to know what?s causing it. The funds raised from the walk will finance the first ever n… more ›

113 members | 14 discussions

Join this group if you love Border Collies. You don't have to own one, just have to love the breed

112 members | 12 discussions

My Shih Tzu's are half sisters but over a year apart in age. My Rottweilers & the Tzu girls get along great. They make great buddies the two breeds!

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