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A group of dedicated dog lovers focused on the continual improvement of their dogs.

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This group is for anyone in Central Missouri that would like to come together to see what can be done in our community to help stop breed discrimination. I am in the process of developing a program to help rescue dogs that are considered "unadoptabl… more ›

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This is a club for people who own or love Dashshunds.

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Butte Humane Society is a wonderful low-kill shelter in Butte County, CA. Volunteering there is an amazing, memorable and rewarding experience. Join and discuss your experience, current events, and special animals at the shelter.

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Griswauld is almost 7 years old now. He is a sweet and loving dog He is 220#

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Are you a part of a Rescue group? Volunteer, Foster Mom and/or Dad, Organizer, Manager, Director. This group is for you. It is stressful and friends can make it easier.

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Dog Scouts of America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership. DSA is modeled after other scouting organizations and also has local troops. Troop members get together to learn new thing… more ›

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Those of us who sorry to say have a dog that barks out of fear of various things. Also those with dogs that try to nip other dogs because they think it is part of play.

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This is for fans of NatGeo's TV series, "The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan." Talk about your favorite episodes, what you like about the show and the problems you are having (or have had) with your dogs.

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