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This is a group to suggest new ideas/optimizations for If you have ideas, you can suggest them here. Gavin is helping us and I really thank him for that. Thanks for making things right zootoo!

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All Pomeranians Welcome!!!

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A group for greyhound lovers to support and talk about our wonderful dogs.

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a great place for animal lovers

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Almost everyone in the world loves animals! I know I do! Animals can do so many things that we can't do. Like they can run super fast, jump really high, and glide accross the sky with just feathery wings! If you LOVE animals as much as I do, then thi… more ›

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This group is for anyone who has or likes golden retrivers.I have a golden also. The reson why i named it rescue is because if you have rescued one or you are adopting one,please join this group.We can Discuss all the likings of golden retrive… more ›

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Lovers of Shetland sheepdogs, Shelties!

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I had to have him put sleep about 2 weeks ago he was 12yrs old he was the best dog every I had. I still have bunnie she is a blue heeler to she is is 10yrs old

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This is a club for people who own or love Dashshunds.

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Butte Humane Society is a wonderful low-kill shelter in Butte County, CA. Volunteering there is an amazing, memorable and rewarding experience. Join and discuss your experience, current events, and special animals at the shelter.

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