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This group is for owners who have cats that have more than the normal toes on a paw. My cat has 1 extra toe (or digit) on each paw.

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** NEW GROUP ** This is a group for everyone who loves cats! Let's share our stories, offer help on issues, and have a good time. No flaming. Cat alerts also welcome! Let's talk about cats, and let's make things better for cats in the world. P… more ›

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For Cat lovers everywhere!

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When we hold a purring cat in our lap we understand the warmth and feeling of contentment that we feel by the the sound and the feeling of the vibrational purr. Well now we know that Researchers are looking into the domestic cat as a healing tool… more ›

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Any one welcome that loves pets ,talk brag about your pets even maybe find a pet here

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Share anything you would like about your white deaf cat.

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A place to chat with others about your pet. Share pics or whatever. Even if you don't have a Cat but love them, join in with the talk.

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A group dedicated to all runt of the litters who cheated death and pulled through to become the pick of the bunch! All cats, kittens, dogs and humans are welcome to join!

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This group is to promote the trap, neuter, and release (TNR) of feral cats, those descendants of domestic cats that live and reproduce indepently of human families. This will help to reduce the population of unwanted animals both in and out of the an… more ›

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