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This is for all ages. No cussing, swearing, spamming, scamming, or talking about non-family (uh) ordeals aloud... We support cats in everyway. Freebie links will be posted to help with cat food costs... '

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If you think you are a responsible cat owner, please join our group! Here are the qualifications: 1. You must have at least one cat. (ha ha!) 2. Your cats MUST be spayed/neutered! 3. Your cats must be indoor only, or o… more ›

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This is a group for people who have suffered the recent loss of a beloved kitty or would like to offer their helpful stories and advice involved with overcoming a past experience. We are open to anyone regardless of location.

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A place to share photos and to discuss all things Himalayan.

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This group is for our Orange kitties

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Have you fostered a feral kitten? Or do you own one now? this site is a way to exchange information on how we foster feral kittens and bring them around to being happy family members.

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This group is for owners who have cats that have more than the normal toes on a paw. My cat has 1 extra toe (or digit) on each paw.

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** NEW GROUP ** This is a group for everyone who loves cats! Let's share our stories, offer help on issues, and have a good time. No flaming. Cat alerts also welcome! Let's talk about cats, and let's make things better for cats in the world. P… more ›

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This is a group that I am staring documenting photos of cats, that I have seen through the years. Most of them were strays or barn cats. And many I helped find new warm homes. Hence the old saying " one mans trash is another mans treasure!"

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