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856 members | 156 discussions

Share your photos. Connect with other cat lovers. Discuss your favorite pet. NEWS: ~We have reached our goal of 700 members! Thank you to everyone who joined! ~There are not many new discussions. We need to pick up the pa… more ›

323 members | 29 discussions

Black cat lovers unite

200 members | 20 discussions

American Shorthair Group. Join our forum of American Shorthair lovers.

163 members | 12 discussions

Cat's Rock!

145 members | 26 discussions

For kitty lovers every where! Share your photos and talk about how you got your kitty and where you got your kitty or if you even have one!

140 members | 28 discussions

Need no pedigree to apply. We love the mutt cats from the shelter and the strays who show up at your door. ALL CATS DESERVE A CHANCE!!

107 members | 92 discussions

the name is HOOTe CAT with an "e"... here they call me HOOTeCAT. i'm a videoblogging, wanna be, cat star. i got attitude babe! do tricks, win contests and love to eat! check me out and subscribe! & www.H… more ›

89 members | 7 discussions

The 4Paws Rescue Team is a nonprofit community-based all volunteer organization that takes in neglected, abandoned, abused and unwanted cats and kittens. Cats rescued by 4Paws receive vaccines and appropriate veterinary care before being adopted into… more ›

80 members | 11 discussions

alleys favoritechair

71 members | 9 discussions

A group for lovers of Torties and Calicos and the various combinations.

69 members | 9 discussions

For people who love animals of all kinds, from dogs, cats, to rabbits and squirrels. Share your love of animals to everyone.

55 members | 9 discussions

This group is made to get all California Cat Lovers together.

51 members | 12 discussions

My family and I have had several blind cats, diabetic cats, dogs with seizures, amputees, etc. and I am interested in discussing ways these animals cope and how we can care for them

46 members | 12 discussions

This is group for people who have lost a loved kitty and would like to talk about their loved ones. Please feel free to post pictures of your loved ones.

45 members | 3 discussions

A group for Orange cats

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