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82 members | 6 discussions

All about birds! all bird lovers welcome!

73 members | 13 discussions

For cockatiel owners or potential owners to discuss our beloved little birds.

67 members | 15 discussions

join a group that enjoys talking about birds!

28 members | 8 discussions

This is for all the Cockatiel lover's everywhere... Where we can discuss everything.. From good to bad and concern..

24 members | 4 discussions

This group is for new owners that want to learn more about the new feathered family member they have adopted. Everything from types of foods, toys, and activities, to questions and answers about the different behaviors you are noticing in your new bi… more ›

18 members | 2 discussions

Hi, I am a new owner of 2 parakeets. I am in the process of all of us getting to know each other. Of course I would love it to happen right now. I know to be patient and go slowly. Any tips that anyone has to help me would be great. Thanks

14 members | 31 discussions

Everyone who likes, loves, enjoys watching, or owns ducks are welcome here

12 members | 2 discussions

For everyone who is owned by an African Grey Parrot.

11 members | 2 discussions

This group is for those who are enamored with and own these beautiful, affectionate hook-billed parrots.

11 members | 2 discussions

Dear Friends & Fellow ZooTooers, Now that I have become an active member of the ZooToo community, I feel that my new found ZooTooer Friends, and Friends-to-be, might wish to also become involved in this proposed new "Birds & Pets Blog"… more ›

10 members

This group is for those who are enamored with and who own these large-beautiful hook-billed parrots.

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